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Code of Conduct in a Dance Class

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Code of Conduct in a Dance Class Empty Code of Conduct in a Dance Class

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 09, 2009 11:59 am

Dear All,

Please remember the following code of conduct to be followed in a dance class. It Applies to ANY dance class in the world. Worldwide people follow and respect it. Unfortunately only in India and Indians doesn't seem to respect it. Its very sad Sad

1. Turn your cellphones OFF.

No silent mode business if you cant stay away from touching it. So many a time i see, people reaching for their pockets and their phones, it is quite disgraceful. On a day if you are needed and there could be an emergency, just dont go to class that day. Or inform the teacher before hand that you would need to take phone calls. But reaching for the phone or having it ring in the middle of a class is just not on. It disturbs YOU, the other students AND the Teachers. It is disrespectful and highly untolerable.

2. Come on Time.

So many a time i see people strolling in half an hour late for a one hour class, citing ridiculous reasons like "Traffic", "Work", "Got late" etc. And then expect to be accomodated and taught the move all over again. If you are late, simply dont come. Or again inform the teacher and take permission beforehand. Be discreet while coming in and blend in with the class quickly. I travel much more than any student and always reach on time. Being on time is never about lame excuses. Its about YOU. Be on time. No discussion.

3. Bring the Right Shoes.

I see people in slippers, floaters, barefoot (GOD!). I mean give yourself and the teacher a break. Coming for a dance class without the right shoes, is like i explain so often - going to a painting class without a brush. Stay home again, if you dont carry your shoes with you

4. Practice the moves of the previous class before you come.

Know what has been taught to you and keep a tab of it. Have fun in class but Maintain seriousness at all times. Create lots of noise outside, its allowed!

5. Pay attention to personal hygiene.

You will be surprised how many people suffer from it. Go to hygiene section and read

6. Inform your teacher IN ADVANCE if you are gonna miss lessons.

Do not mysteriously disappear and then show-up one day and expect to be accomodated.



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