Salsa Dance
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Salsa Dance
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How to Do Salsa Shines?

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How to Do Salsa Shines? Empty How to Do Salsa Shines?

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 10, 2009 11:54 am

How to Do Salsa Shines?

Begin your normal choreographed routine and dance along with your partner.

Break away from your partner. This can be done for many reasons. When it comes to Salsa shines the break away is often choreographed in order to spotlight the steps, moves, or techniques of one dancer in the pair or to give the other dancer a brief break in activity before or after a complicated step.

Shine. This is generally accomplished by incorporating some advanced footwork or flashy moves that work well with the music into your choreography. The goal of Salsa shines is, like the name says, to shine the spotlight on one of the partners in the pair. If you are the fortunate partner you will use the shine to put your own unique touch on the Salsa. The more skill and confidence you gain in your Salsa Dancing the better equipped you will be to handle the challenge of a shine and the more likely you will be to really enjoy the opportunity to have fun with and make your mark on the music.

Reunite with your partner and continue the choreography together as planned. This should happen at a predetermined point in the music and in the dance so that you are both prepared for the reunion. Salsa Shines are great exercises for building your confidence in each other in addition to your self-confidence as a Salsa Dancer.


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